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We want to help you get your life back by helping you choose from the best at alcohol rehab or home alcohol detox services in the UK, allowing you to restart your life again.

Harley St Alcohol Detox Organisation is based in London and the Home Counties and all the UK offers a wide selection of alcohol detox at home options. All of these detox methods, including the Sinclair Method, are thoroughly assessed and approved to help provide alcohol rehab at home while maintaining the highest quality and outcomes of recovery. Our home alcohol detox department has been treating over 100,000 in the community covering all of the UK. We also offer independent addiction advice services throughout the UK. Harley St Alcohol Detox Organisation dedicates itself with providing all relevant information and treatment options open to you for alcohol abuse and drug abuse.

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Our team consists of addiction experts – qualified counsellors, advisors, and recovered former addicts who have years of experience. We offer counselling and therapy for addiction problems with life-re-alignment and re-direction advice.

Our philosophy in addiction treatment centres around offering individualised, evidence-based treatment solutions for individuals and families struggling with alcohol as well as co-occurring disorders. With an individualised approach to alcohol addiction treatment and comprehensive care, we help to heal patients and their families a life free of alcoholism, with a view to finding an environment of hope and healing.

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Harley St Alcohol Detox Organisation can connect you with an at-home alcohol detox programme that’s ideally suited to help you overcome your addiction. The Alcohol detox programmes are created by professionals who have a vested interest in your full recovery. Recovery from alcohol addiction starts with the choice that “enough is enough.”

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Welcome to Harley Street Alcohol Detox Organisation – A Leading Alcohol Rehab Centre

About Us

Harley St Alcohol Detox Organisation is a specialist in addiction treatment and advice, helping out individuals with unbiased, free advice to find the right treatment for all types of addiction and related mental health issues. We provide professional alcohol treatment including detox, rehab and counselling – both in-patient and outpatient – for all parts of the UK, including London and the home counties, Wales, England, Scotland and Ireland, as well as overseas.

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Alcohol Detox

Medical detoxification from alcohol is the safe management of the acute physical symptoms of withdrawal associated with stopping alcohol abuse. We are a leading provider of inpatient rehab. The Sinclair Method of treatment and our at-home alcohol detox programmes work with patients to stabilise their withdrawal symptoms from alcohol misuse and manage any other medical problems. While alcohol detox alone does not treat the addiction, for many patients it is the needed first step.

Sinclair Method

The Sinclair Method contains five steps that will equip you or your loved on with a plan to help break free from drinking compulsively. Curing you of your addiction and allowing you to regain your control over alcohol should not have to be complicated and will not require abstinence. It does, however, require meticulous preparation before, during and after treatment.

Alcohol Detox at Home

Harley St Alcohol Detox Organisation can connect you with an at-home alcohol detox programme that’s ideally suited to help you overcome your addiction. The Alcohol detox programmes are created by professionals who have a vested interest in your full recovery. Recovery from alcohol addiction starts with the choice that "enough is enough."


Once stabilised, patients will be provided with the option of further treatment in an alcohol detox rehabilitation programme, as well as follow up treatment on any other medical problems. Our alcohol rehab programmes also offer aftercare packages. These can vary, but they typically involve support groups, counselling sessions, guidance and more.

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