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About Harley St Alcohol Detox Organisation

The Harley Street Alcohol Detox Organisation is the top specialist addiction treatment provider in the UK. We aspire to provide individuals with free and unbiased advice to help find treatment for all types of alcohol addiction and mental health issues related to alcohol addiction.

In the past, we have had great success in the addiction field. At Harley Street Detox, we have the unique capabilities to offer alcohol detox on its own, or as a combined rehab treatment programme. We also specialise in the Sinclair treatment method to aid in the detoxification of alcohol.

Our expert team knows the seriousness of addiction, as many have experienced it either in their own lives or through others that they know and are close to.

Each client who receives treatment through the Harley Street Alcohol Detox Organisation will receive equal amounts of attention and support throughout the treatment process.

Most of the staff are actively involved in various aspects of the community recovery movement and are ready to help you start your journey to recovery from alcohol addiction today!

Why Choose Us?

The Harley Street Alcohol Detox Organisation offers a nurturing and supportive environment for you to go through the detoxification process comfortably, privately and safely.

We will conduct a telephone and medical assessment in order to determine that detox treatment is what is best for you medically and personally.

We then provide emergency detox admission if it is needed. We will also provide transition into a full rehabilitation program or mutual aid program if needed. We also design a specific custom aftercare program for each of our clients that focuses on relapse prevention.

Harley Street Alcohol Detox Organisation will enable you to utilise detox to help you fully rehabilitate and recover from alcohol addiction, setting you on the path to getting your life back.

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