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Harley Street Alcohol Detox Organisation specialises in professional, alcohol misuse treatment, luxury and very affordable rehabilitation in London. If you or a loved one requires drug or alcohol rehab or out-patient care in the city, we’re here to help.

As a world-leading authority on alcohol detox and rehab programmes, we offer reputable Care Quality Commission-registered detox and rehabilitation programmes for all alcohol issues. Each of our rehab centres are easily accessible, regardless of where you are in the UK.

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What we do

We’re here to ensure that individuals in need of help addressing alcohol issues can access affordable treatment. Our London rehab clinics and outpatient centres specialise in delivering bespoke treatment programmes tailored to the needs of the individual. With a team of qualified medical experts, we’re on-hand to help you address your medical, psychological and social needs.

Alcohol is a life-threatening illness that can affect people of all social and economic backgrounds. While we offer luxury rehab in London, we also provide affordable treatment options in and around the Greater London area.

Evidence-based addiction treatments in London

As the capital city of England, London has a reputation for being home to the best and latest in addiction treatment medicine. Reputable London rehab centres will only ever deliver evidence-based addiction treatments. These treatments are not just cutting-edge – they have also been proven to work.

With us, you or your loved one will feel safe in the knowledge that your care is overseen by an elite team of addiction treatment professionals. Our clinicians include consultant psychiatrists, nurses, counsellors, psychotherapists, dietitians, fitness coaches, holistic therapists and recovery coaches.

Our rehab staff are incredibly passionate about helping alcoholics and other addicts to recover. Many of our team have been through the recovery process and have individual experience of what it takes to overcome addiction. Our priority is helping you succeed in fighting alcohol addiction.

Addiction treatments available in London rehab

london rehab clinic bedroom picture

At the Harley Street Alcohol Detox Organisation, we provide both medical detox and alcohol rehabilitation treatments at home detox and inpatient. We feel it is essential to offer our clients a comprehensive recovery package which treats every aspect of addiction. Evidence-based treatments which you can access through our accredited London alcohol rehab centres include:

• CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy).
• Psychotherapy.
• Integrated therapy (a combination of psychotherapy and addiction counselling).
• Person-centred therapy (putting you at the centre of your rehabilitation).
• Dual-diagnoses treatment (addiction often goes hand-in-hand with other issues, like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).
• Individual addiction therapy.
• Group therapy.
• The 12-step programme.

Our at home alcohol detox and full time residential clinics also offer several cutting-edge holistic and complementary therapies, which have been demonstrated to assist with stress reduction, sleeplessness and restlessness during detoxification. These treatments include:

• Low level laser light therapy (LLLT) – this can be useful for inducing sleep and lowering stress levels.
• NAD treatment – a revolutionary new treatment which reduces the side-effects of detox.
• Bodywork – our consultants work with you to develop a bespoke plan designed to help you reach optimum health. This treatment encompasses dietetics, fitness and physical/mental wellbeing.
• Mindfulness – Yoga, meditation, Thai Chi, acupuncture and massage are all designed to aid relaxation, improve your focus and create a peaceful inner space for easier healing.
• Music, art, drama and equine therapy – holistic mediums for individual expression, connection and trust. Arts therapy can be conducive to helping individuals process difficult emotions in a non-threatening and non-invasive manner.

At each of our London alcohol treatment centres, you can expect our team to develop a custom addiction treatment programme as unique as each patient is. Our experts will leave no stone unturned to ensure each treatment is completely bespoke to the individual for maximum success.

A peaceful space to recover – alcohol rehab in London

detox from alcohol addiction in lovely surroundings

We understand that it takes the right sort of facility to help you/your loved one recover. Comfort is of paramount importance during the detox process, which is why we offer a peaceful space to recover in desirable surroundings.

If you like, you can choose to have your own en-suite bedroom within our state-of-the-art alcohol treatment facility. Many of our clients remark that their stay feels less like a medical programme and more like a relaxing spa break. It’s our belief that your stay should feel like a home-away-from-home, which is why our affordable London rehab centres are furnished to an incredibly high and comfortable standard. We want to ensure that you have access to everything you’ll need in terms of comfort, and you’ll even be able to avail of our high-spec gym and spa facilities if you so wish.

Each of our treatment centres is highly reputable, held in high-regard and CQC-registered, and most of our residential rehab centres only treat a small number of patients at any given time. This ensures that you’ll have our undivided attention and will benefit from a high counsellor-to-patient ratio, as well as being able to expect a peaceful environment to recover without disruption.

Addiction treatment tailored to your needs

We understand that every alcohol addiction patient is unique. Everybody has different requirements and expectations of their rehab experience. We’re here to ensure your rehab experience is not only successful in helping you make a full recovery, but enjoyable too.

London alcohol addiction statistics

Having an alcohol problem can feel like a very solitary experience. It’s not uncommon to feel alone and isolated. However, alcohol addiction is much more common than you may think. In London, it is estimated that almost one-third of the population exceeds harmful intake levels of alcohol during their heaviest weekly drinking days. If you feel alone in your condition, we can assure you that you are not.

In England alone, there are an estimated 589,100 alcohol-dependent drinkers. Rather disturbingly, less than 20% of them are currently receiving treatment. In 2019, there were 7,551 deaths directly attributable to alcohol recorded by the Office for National Statistics in the UK. This number is shocking, but it also drives home the point of what happens when those with alcohol and other substance misuse issues do not undergo a specific professional treatment for their illness.

Alcohol dependence can kill if left untreated – and the above statistics highlight how the majority of alcohol-dependent individuals are unaware of how serious their condition may be. In our experience, it is entirely possible to recover from alcohol addiction, provided you are willing to undergo a professional programme of treatment.

However, one-size-fits-all treatments for addiction simply do not work. Like all chronic illnesses, treatment for alcohol addiction requires a bespoke treatment plan to ensure that recovery is not only successful but maintainable.

How home detox works

Home detox: What to expect
The first steps
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Withdrawal and detoxification
Aftercare and ongoing support

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Harley St Alcohol Detox in London

Who is Harley Street Alcohol Detox?

If you’re looking for the best home detox for alcohol, then Harley Street Alcohol Detox is the number one solution. We support thousands of patients a year in achieving alcohol detox at home with medication, as well as providing inpatient alcohol rehab clinics to offer an exceptional standard of care. From alcohol support groups to specialist programs like the Sinclair Method UK, we work with you to find the best path towards a better, addiction-free life through non-traditional rehab in London and beyond.

Our in-home alcohol detox London services, as well as our comprehensive alcohol treatment clinics, makes us well-placed to offer an answer for every patient. No two people are the same – so why not apply that to your cure for alcoholism? Read on to find out more about the services we offer, how to beat alcoholism with our expert support, and the London alcohol rehab facilities we offer.

The services we offer

London alcohol detox clinic massage room

When it comes to rehab for alcohol dependence in London, we work with you to find the best path to stop drinking. That means no single, generic solution. Instead, our alcoholism treatment program in London is tailored to your specific lifestyle and requirements. From detox medicine to alcohol support groups, we provide a wide range of options to best aid you on your way to recovery.

By offering a range of different options for cheap home alcohol detox as well as inpatient alcohol treatment centres in London, we’re able to help thousands more individuals dependent on alcohol every year. As one of the best rehab centres for versatility and tailored treatment solutions, there’s a reason our London alcohol clinic is highly rated and consistently achieves excellent results.

Our services include:

  • Outpatient alcohol detoxes through the Sinclair Method
  • Daytime inpatient treatment in London
  • Quasi-residential detox services
  • Private, residential inpatient rehab programs
  • Short and long-term London rehab programs
  • Luxury alcohol treatment clinics in London
  • Diagnosis of addiction and dependence
  • Affordable, cheap alcohol detox London
  • Aftercare and continued outpatient treatment for London patients
  • Alcohol detox treatments across London and beyond

Are you interested in alcohol detox at home UK, Rehab or does the Sinclair Method for alcoholism sound like a good fit for you? Get in touch with our team today to discuss the options available to you. If you have a drinking problem, or you think you are an alcoholic, seeking help swiftly is the first step to recovery.

0203 151 0600

What sets us apart from other detox clinics

As specialists in the treatment of alcohol addiction in London, our experts have developed alcohol rehab programs that support the needs of our patients while providing a quicker route to recovery. Instead of relying on old rehab clinic methods, such as cold turkey alcohol detox and willpower-based processes, we offer tailored options to suit each person individually to make us one of the best alcohol rehab centres in the London area.

alcohol rehab centre inside

For individuals struggling with alcohol problems, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to their issues. Whether it’s inpatient alcohol rehab, ongoing alcohol withdrawal management or medical-based approaches to treatment like using the Sinclair method near me, we find what works, and we stick with it. By treating each case individually, we strive to be the best alcohol rehab in London we can be for our patients.

Effective alcohol treatment developed by the experts

If you want to stop drinking, or you’re wondering how to beat alcoholism, the first step is seeking treatment and support. At Harley St Alcohol Detox London, our rehab centres are positioned to offer options to suit every individual. We support our patients through the effects of quitting alcohol, enabling them to live a life free of alcohol dependence using specialist methods and expert programs for exceptional results.

Alcohol detox psychotherapists and doctors

Inpatient detox

For some patients, home alcohol detox NHS or privately isn’t the right solution. Our luxury on-site rehab centres in London provide an excellent alternative, offering a safe environment to undergo the side effects of alcohol withdrawal with ample support and care. For those now suited to at-home detox plans, receiving treatment as an inpatient can be highly beneficial.

Because the effects of quitting alcohol can be difficult, our fully-trained, professional staff are on-hand to provide around the clock care for our inpatients. This gets you through those rocky first days quickly and allows access to inpatient alcohol rehab facilities to promote a healthier life and reduce your dependence on alcohol safely and clinically.

inpatient rehab clinic london outside

Alcohol Home detox

If you’d like to undergo your full alcohol detox process from the comfort of your own home, Harley St Alcohol Detox London is your ideal choice. Many of our patients choose to undergo the withdrawal and detoxification process in familiar surroundings, and we support this by managing the side effect of withdrawals through medications, as well as offering around-the-clock support.

Home detox isn’t the best fit for every patient – which is why we also offer inpatient alcohol rehab centres in London. But for some, detoxing at home can be an affordable, practical and less daunting way to fight and get rid of their alcohol misuse behaviours for good. We often recommend medical detox for this process, but speaking to our professional team is the first step towards finding what works best for you.

alcohol home detox image

Admission to London rehab – what to expect

Upon deciding on the type of rehab programme you wish to enrol in, our team will arrange admission for you. If your needs are urgent, we can arrange for this within 24 hours of receiving your call. If required, we can also assist by arranging transportation. This will ensure that you arrive safely at your London rehab centre of choice.

If you are alcohol-dependent, we do not recommend or expect you to stop drinking immediately. Upon arrival at our London alcohol treatment centre, a consultant psychiatrist will take an assessment. From here, we’ll be able to prescribe a bespoke medical detox regime which will be carefully designed to help you to withdraw from alcohol or drugs as comfortably as possible.

One of the largest fears for those with addiction issues is that detoxification will be mentally unbearable, physically painful, or a combination of both. We would like to assure you that this is not the case. Our clinicians are on-hand to prescribe and administer approved medicines designed to help diminish the severity of alcohol withdrawal symptoms. In most cases, patients will feel no withdrawal symptoms whatsoever.

During your detox, you will be supported clinically by medical professionals and therapeutically by therapists and counsellors. You will only undergo light therapeutic treatments during the initial stages of detox. Our staff are incredibly carefully to provide patients with the space needed to recover physically before allowing them to take our one of our bespoke addiction rehabilitation programmes which are designed to address the psychological need to abuse alcohol.

London rehab: frequently asked questions

How long will my stay in a London rehab centre last?

The initial period of detox can take days or weeks, depending on the severity of your addiction. Rehabilitation periods typically take between one and three months. Our alcohol rehab centres offer residential treatment during this time, and we recommend a residency for at least one month. However, we understand that people may need to return to their homes, and we can provide several outpatient options.

Can I use my phone/laptop in a London rehab centre?

Our clinics offer free WiFi to all patients, and we allow patients to use their phones. However, recovery is the main focus during the initial week of detox. Some of our London rehabs allow light use of laptops, provided this does not interfere with treatment. Staff will assess laptop/phone use on an individual basis. The purpose of this is to provide everybody with the right opportunity to engage with treatment.

Can my family visit me in rehab in London?

We encourage the visitation of family/loved ones to those undergoing rehab. Having the support of those we care about can help us to understand the need to recover from addiction and can even be crucial in preventing relapse.

In addition to this, we can also offer family therapy sessions. These sessions help both sides to see things from one another’s perspective and can be beneficial in helping each family member reach a sound understanding. Having a healthy relationship with your family can help to strengthen your resolve to recover long-term from alcohol misuse.

The Sinclair method

The Sinclair Method is a new and innovative approach to alcohol detox medication that’s considered a cure for alcoholism for those that commit to the lifelong program. For many patients, this path of treatment can allow them to continue drinking at a reasonable level while still removing that addiction from their brain.

By reducing DT symptoms, and providing an easier withdrawal, the Sinclair Method can be a viable alternative to the more traditional process and methods. If you’d like to learn more about the Sinclair Method doctors near me in London, or you’d like to know the Sinclair Method pros and cons, getting in touch with our professional team is the best place to start.

Home detox: What to expect

If you’re planning on going through alcohol rehabilitation from your home, then the process might be slightly different than what you’re used to in comparison to inpatient treatment plans. With more freedom, flexibility and practicality, there’s a reason home medical detox and rehabs are more popular than ever. Here’s what you can expect when you sign up for a home detox with Harley St Alcohol Detox in London:

The first steps

steps to alcohol addiction recovery

The first step to accessing the treatment you need to beat alcoholism is getting in touch with our expert team at Harley St Alcohol Detox in London. Once you’ve spoken to our team, and booked in your first assessment, you can be on your way to a healthier, happier and addiction-free way of life.

At this point, we won’t ask you to undergo alcohol abstinence or any form of alcohol withdrawal ahead of time. Once we’ve determined your way forward in treatment, including inpatient vs outpatient, we can help you to make the best decision for your needs.

Deciding your path

taking your path in to alcohol recovery

Our professional counsellors and medical professionals will offer a full assessment to help determine the best path of treatment for you. This consultation is a vital part of the process, allowing us to connect with you and discover your requirements and issues to help find the best possible path to cure your addiction.

Once the assessment is complete, you’ll then go on to the next phase of your treatment. This will vary depending on whether you opt for inpatient treatment or outpatient detox in London, as well as if you’re a candidate for the Sinclair Method – which has an entirely different process than traditional rehabilitation treatments.

Withdrawal and detoxification

Alcohol detox Withdrawal Timeline infographic

The most challenging part of the detoxification process starts now. For those undergoing withdrawal either at home or as an inpatient, we provide the support and medication needed to achieve full detox without relapse. By talking you through the alcohol withdrawal stages and offering our support every step of the way, we can get you out the other side – ready to start on your aftercare and ongoing program.

For those undergoing the Sinclair Method, continuing to drink is a part of the process for many users. However, those reducing their drinking may still experience withdrawal. If you’re considering the Sinclair Method, you’ll likely remain in this stage for 3-4 months as you adjust and solidify those chemical changes in your brain.

Aftercare and ongoing support

alcohol treatment aftercare image of lady

Following full detoxification, our professional team is there to provide aftercare and support you in establishing new routines, processes and coping mechanisms to keep you alcohol-free. For inpatient care, this makes up all the additional weeks of treatment following your initial check-in. For outpatients, the aftercare phase begins immediately after alcohol detox treatment is completed.

Our dedication to providing thorough and complete aftercare for our patients is part of the reason our treatment plans are so successful. By understanding the stages of alcoholism, offering medical detoxes and following up with comprehensive support and ongoing help and guidance through counselling and support groups, we can ensure our patients stay away from alcohol and achieve an addiction-free lifestyle.

Take your first steps towards an addiction-free life

Are you ready to start your new, addiction-free life? The first step is getting in touch with our London team. Once you’ve made the first leap, we’re then able to help and support you in reaching your goals as effectively and painlessly as possible. There are many causes of alcoholism, but with prompt treatment and professional aftercare overcoming your dependence is possible – however long you’ve experienced addiction, and however serious your addiction is.

If you’d like to discuss our various programs for both inpatients and outpatients, or you’re curious about our newer plans like the Sinclair Method, contact us today. We’d be happy to discuss your options with you, and find a plan that’s perfectly suited to your specific needs. Inpatient alcohol rehab and at home alcohol rehabilitation in London is more accessible than you think.

Overcome your addiction on your terms

While NHS treatment plans tend to focus on abstinence and nothing else, we understand there’s more to addiction than simply stopping drinking. That’s why our London-based alcohol detox programs are developed to suit a wide range of circumstances. From inpatient luxury treatments to simple and clear at home detox plans to the Sinclair Method for those that wish to continue regularly drinking, we have it all.

Experts develop our alcohol detox programs for people like you. Overcoming your addiction doesn’t have to be impossible. And with Harley St Alcohol Detox by your side, a brighter future for you and your loved ones is in sight. Get in touch now to find out more.

Our costs

payment for rehab in london

With so many different alcohol detox treatments in London on offer, the prices for our detox and treatment programs can vary. Get in touch with us today to book in your consultation, and we’d be happy to discuss our pricing with you – depending on exactly what kind of option best suits your needs and your budget. From cheap at home detoxes to luxury inpatient treatments, we offer it all. We even provide free aftercare for a year on our home detox programs to put you on the right track.

Get in touch today

Ready to get on the path to freedom from addiction? If you have a drinking problem, and you’d like to undergo alcohol detox in London or one of our newer treatment programs, get in touch today. Our friendly, expert team is on hand to talk you through the process and provide insight into how it all works.

You can call us on 0203 151 0600or get in touch via our online contact form today. We’re always happy to help, so don’t hesitate to contact our professional team today. Being free of alcoholism might be just one phone call or email away.

Start your recovery journey today

From little things, big things grow. Your small steps towards alcohol recovery could start today. By reading this information, you may have already taken your first step. To discuss your treatment needs or to find out more about our treatment centres, please do not hesitate to call us directly. Alternatively, you can complete our online form and a member of our team will be happy to respond.

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Alcohol Addiction FAQ's

We offer locations for alcohol rehab centres nationwide, call our team on 0333 444 0434. They will be able to advise you on treatment options available in your area.

This all depends on your personal circumstances. We ask that you contact our team on 0333 444 0434 so that we can fully understand your situation and needs.

We’ll talk you through a short telephone questionnaire designed to help us provide you with the best possible care.

We then set a date and time for your admission and you can look forward to a new start in life.

Absolutely yes, so many people are not even aware they have a mental health problem and many people don’t make the connection in children and mental health. The alcohol can become a ‘solution’ for a persons mental health. At the start it will seem as if the alcohol is quieting the mind, but in time as the addiction progresses it will only add to any mental health problems the person has. It is also difficult to diagnose a person with mental health while under the influence of alcohol.

As well as being directly related to many serious diseases, drinking large amounts of alcohol can also lead to poor sexual performance, and it can harm an unborn baby. If you have an alcohol related problem, there are many ways in which you can get help to reduce your drinking, and there are also many services that you can use that will help you stop altogether. Definition The problems associated with alcoholism, or alcohol dependence, are wide ranging, and can be physical, psychological, and social.

There is no definitive cure for addiction. However, rehab can provide patients with the skills needed to successfully manage their addiction and remain sober. Recovery from addiction is never over and patients will need to work on their ability to avoid relapse for the rest of their lives. A high quality addiction rehab programme sets patients up for this process.

Most people can enjoy a casual night out with friends, have one or two drinks and then stop, and they might not drink again for several days. They enjoy a drink, but they don’t NEED it.

If you feel that you would like to talk to one of our experts and see how we can help you, call us on 0333 444 0434.