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We applaud your decision to reach out for help for yourself or a loved one. Delving into research is the first vital step in locating the best possible treatment options. Each situation is different, each individual needs specific healing approaches. We do hope that you find some hopeful alternatives in the following list.

The intention of this page is to provide an easy-to-use, comprehensive place for a myriad of drug- and alcohol-treatment related information. The resources have been suggested by numerous individuals who have experience in the fields or in their own recoveries.

If you or someone you know have any further suggestions or resources that would be good additions for this page, please reach out and let us know via the ‘Contact Us‘ link. If we feel it is a good fit for the page, it will be added.

As shown, the links provided are divided neatly into unique sections for simplified use. If you click on a link and it does not work or the page is no longer available, please contact us promptly. We aim to keep this list as up-to-date as possible.

Disclaimer: We have not posted any information to promote or advertise. Harley St Alcohol Detox Organisation is not a representative for, nor in partnership with any of the listed organisations. We are not at all compensated for displaying nor discussing these sites. The links are provided only for the purpose of assisting people in need of services and support. We hope to offer access to organisations that may be able to assist them. Harley St Alcohol Detox Organisation wishes that non-profit organisations be regarded first, over for-profit groups. Our team is not responsible for determining truthful statements or otherwise on the shown sites.


Alcoholics Anonymous (“AA”) is a group of women and men getting together in camaraderie. They want to share their own experiences in the goal to help others. They focus on honesty, strength, and hope — communicating and supporting each other through ups and downs. They treat each other with respect and trust to assist in solving a common problem. AA has helped many recover from and overcome persistent alcohol abuse. A single requirement for membership: The desire to stop drinking. There is an inspiring daily book of reflections produced by AA Members.

Al-Anon is a group for loved ones and friends of alcoholic people. In Al-Anon, members do not give direction nor advice to other members. Rather, participants share unique personal stories and invite other participants to take what they like, what is healing for their own lives, and leave the rest. They are encouraged to determine for themselves what lessons they can apply to their personal situations.

NACAR Is an organisation to help independently those suffering with addiction. online links and informative blogs and Editorials. plus an online advice and list of rehabilitation clinics. is a great information for statistics and information and alcohol, abuse and its effects on people with addiction problems and their families. working with governments around the world to help solve alcohol addiction.

Steps Home detox is a service for at home drug and alcohol home detox and counselling. with there proven records and fast effective services covering the whole of the UK. Cheapest and safest home treatment in the uk. with the highest quality of medical staff.

Serenity Addiction Centres. Highest level of care and medical support. covering all of the UK for drug and alcohol detox. drug and alcohol rehab. very fast admissions and excellent staff and facilities. they work on the whole person, not just the addiction.

Down Your Drink helps people make decisions about their own drinking habits. The program emphasizes personal choices.

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Alcohol Addiction FAQ's

We offer locations for alcohol rehab centres nationwide, call our team on 0333 444 0434. They will be able to advise you on treatment options available in your area.

This all depends on your personal circumstances. We ask that you contact our team on 0333 444 0434 so that we can fully understand your situation and needs.

We’ll talk you through a short telephone questionnaire designed to help us provide you with the best possible care.

We then set a date and time for your admission and you can look forward to a new start in life.

Absolutely yes, so many people are not even aware they have a mental health problem and many people don’t make the connection in children and mental health. The alcohol can become a ‘solution’ for a persons mental health. At the start it will seem as if the alcohol is quieting the mind, but in time as the addiction progresses it will only add to any mental health problems the person has. It is also difficult to diagnose a person with mental health while under the influence of alcohol.

As well as being directly related to many serious diseases, drinking large amounts of alcohol can also lead to poor sexual performance, and it can harm an unborn baby. If you have an alcohol related problem, there are many ways in which you can get help to reduce your drinking, and there are also many services that you can use that will help you stop altogether. Definition The problems associated with alcoholism, or alcohol dependence, are wide ranging, and can be physical, psychological, and social.

There is no definitive cure for addiction. However, rehab can provide patients with the skills needed to successfully manage their addiction and remain sober. Recovery from addiction is never over and patients will need to work on their ability to avoid relapse for the rest of their lives. A high quality addiction rehab programme sets patients up for this process.

Most people can enjoy a casual night out with friends, have one or two drinks and then stop, and they might not drink again for several days. They enjoy a drink, but they don’t NEED it.

If you feel that you would like to talk to one of our experts and see how we can help you, call us on 0333 444 0434.