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Although readily available to buy and even advertised on television, alcohol is a problematic substance with addictive qualities and if abused, can be a very dangerous and life-debilitating drug. Many people around the world have issues with alcohol and feel that there is no way out. But despite the addictive qualities of alcohol, alcoholism is a treatable disease. By utilising one of our treatment models or alcohol rehab programmes, you can find help and regain control.


In medical terminology, alcoholism is classified as a substance use disorder, however, this is also a broader term that includes all different types of addictive substances. A significant factor involved with diagnosing alcoholism is evidence that the sufferer’s drinking has been interfering in the most basic aspects of a person’s life and their family. This can be as simple as finding there are issues with going to work, self-care such as showering, being a good friend or family member.

Another significant factor is an increase in their consumption of alcohol. Oftentimes, alcoholics will continue to drink even when they do not want any more alcohol. An addict will, over time, build tolerance and eventually will require larger doses of alcohol to achieve the same feeling.

In cases of alcohol abuse or misuse, it is vitally important that a sufferer seeks help before it is too late. Choosing one of our rehabilitation programmes will help to address the key issues which drive your addiction and focus on helping you to combat these issues head-on. Not only can alcohol greatly affect a users state of mind, but it can cause significant harm to the physical body if misuse is allowed to occur for a long period of time. The risk of liver disease, heart problems and even brain damage increase substantially the longer the addiction is maintained.

Those who drink alcohol compulsively and regularly have a higher risk of experiencing depression, impaired impulse controls, suicidal thoughts and explosive and aggressive outbursts. Given the severity of issues that can arise with prolonged alcohol misuse, it is gravely important to seek help for alcoholism as soon as possible.

Our Alcohol Rehab Facilities

At Harley St Alcohol Detox Organisation, we offer a large selection of alcohol rehabilitation facilities throughout the UK. We are here to help you to overcome your alcoholism and to support you, every single step of the way. Our treatment facilities and care allows to provide a rapid and highly individualised alcohol abuse intervention plan. We cover treatments ranging from detoxing to primary alcohol rehabilitation treatments and aftercare. Perhaps the most important aspect of our facilities is that we admit you almost immediately. Once you make your initial contact with our highly trained staff, we will work diligently to get you admitted into an alcohol rehabilitation treatment programme within 24 hours.

Alcohol Detox

At Harley St Alcohol Detox Organisation, our rapid admission into treatment is not a one size fits all programme. We offer a full and wide range of services designed to help you access the right level of the alcohol rehabilitation programme that’s right for you.

For example, if you start a programme while still under the influence of alcohol, we initially will encourage detox until the alcohol is out of your system then move into the next level of care, such as primary alcohol rehab. Detoxing is available to users as a one time service, however, we strongly suggest that those detoxing seek further, ongoing, rehabilitation treatment for their alcohol problem.

What Is Alcohol Rehab?

The main treatment initially used for alcohol abuse is primary alcohol rehab which is provided at all our clinics for clients. We offer either inpatient or residential treatment, which means that you live, eat and sleep at the facility. Treatment occurs during the working day with additional programmes occurring in the evening.

Our focus is on individual treatment and our staff will spend time getting to know you; your obstacles, strengths, history, what works and what doesn’t work for you. Alcoholism affects each person in a different way, and we will learn how alcohol impacts you personally to help you overcome this illness.

What Kind Of Treatment To Expect At Alcohol Rehab

Our rehab therapies will include cognitive behavioural treatment which focuses on the thoughts that alcoholics have and how these can be very harmful and oftentimes irrational. Alcoholism is often a sign that the user is using alcohol as a coping mechanism for mental health issues or other underlying problems. Alcohol rehab treatment helps to identify these problems and help to find new ways to deal with them.

Other treatments we provide are methods of treatment aimed towards overcoming your addiction. Education on alcoholism, group therapies, and other talking related therapies aimed specifically to your individual needs. There are also popular 12-step model support groups available such as Alcoholics Anonymous. There are also alternative treatments and activities we offer as a means to help cope with stress such as massage, yoga, mindfulness and meditation techniques as well as arts and crafts.

What About After I Leave Alcohol Rehab?

Our alcohol rehab programmes will also provide treatment options beyond primary care. Alcohol abuse is considered a lifelong condition and in many cases will require ongoing support after treatment. Another benefit to our alcohol rehab clinics is offering a specialised and personal aftercare programme so you can safely continue with your sobriety long after you leave our treatment facility.

How Long Does Alcohol Rehab Take?

This is very much dependant on your individual circumstances and the severity level of your case so the length of time can vary from person to person. Once we have had our initial assessment with you, we will have a clearer idea of the length of treatment and discuss this with you.

Admission for treatment in our clinics is available almost immediately, and our staff at Harley St Alcohol Detox Organisation are available 24 hrs a day to help. Our alcohol rehabilitation programmes usually last anywhere between 4 to 12 weeks, giving you the tools needed to help you overcome this disease.

Finding The Right Alcohol Rehab Clinic

Our clinics provide everything needed to help you live a sober life. We offer both single or shared occupancy rooms, which will be based on individual needs and availability. We also provide exercise access in our gyms and peaceful locations in the countryside or by beaches.

Alcoholism is a nefarious disease that can completely infiltrate your life until you have no control. We want to help you regain that control and break alcohols grip on you once and for all. Our treatment clinics for you and with you and your family, understanding who you are to create a personally tailored treatment plan aimed towards using your strengths to overcome your weaknesses. Our highly trained, professional and courteous staff at Harley St Alcohol Detox Organisation are available right now to help answer any of your questions and to get you the help you need today. 

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Alcohol Addiction FAQ's

We offer locations for alcohol rehab centres nationwide, call our team on 0333 444 0434. They will be able to advise you on treatment options available in your area.

This all depends on your personal circumstances. We ask that you contact our team on 0333 444 0434 so that we can fully understand your situation and needs.

We’ll talk you through a short telephone questionnaire designed to help us provide you with the best possible care.

We then set a date and time for your admission and you can look forward to a new start in life.

Absolutely yes, so many people are not even aware they have a mental health problem and many people don’t make the connection in children and mental health. The alcohol can become a ‘solution’ for a persons mental health. At the start it will seem as if the alcohol is quieting the mind, but in time as the addiction progresses it will only add to any mental health problems the person has. It is also difficult to diagnose a person with mental health while under the influence of alcohol.

As well as being directly related to many serious diseases, drinking large amounts of alcohol can also lead to poor sexual performance, and it can harm an unborn baby. If you have an alcohol related problem, there are many ways in which you can get help to reduce your drinking, and there are also many services that you can use that will help you stop altogether. Definition The problems associated with alcoholism, or alcohol dependence, are wide ranging, and can be physical, psychological, and social.

There is no definitive cure for addiction. However, rehab can provide patients with the skills needed to successfully manage their addiction and remain sober. Recovery from addiction is never over and patients will need to work on their ability to avoid relapse for the rest of their lives. A high quality addiction rehab programme sets patients up for this process.

Most people can enjoy a casual night out with friends, have one or two drinks and then stop, and they might not drink again for several days. They enjoy a drink, but they don’t NEED it.

If you feel that you would like to talk to one of our experts and see how we can help you, call us on 0333 444 0434.