Alcohol Detox IV Nutritional Detox

IV nutritional detox - a more natural alternative

IV Nutritional Detox

What this type of detox means for you:

• A more comfortable and faster alcohol addiction detox
• Reduced relapse potential when used with a full rehabilitation programme
• Markedly fewer cravings and withdrawal symptoms
• A much clearer head and more engagement during the full addiction rehabilitation program

IV nutritional detox explained

When a person is addicted to a substance, it creates an imbalance in their brain’s nerve functions. Increasing amounts of the substance are necessary for the person’s brain to generate the same levels of contentment or happiness as it did before.

Once the substance is removed, the person has a drop in their body’s messenger chemicals, and this prompts the intense cravings related to substance withdrawal.

Harley St Alcohol Detox Organisation uses IV nutritional detox to help combat this effect. Our original formulation of minerals, co-enzymes, vitamins and amino acids is delivered intravenously to help a person correct this imbalance and experience far fewer cravings and withdrawal symptoms. This allows them to focus more on and engage fully with the rest of their rehabilitation program.

A significant first step toward recovery

An award-winning addiction detox treatment, IV nutritional detox uses a combination of antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, cofactor enzymes and amino acids to:

• Neutralise the body and brain toxins that stem from substance abuse;
• Restore brain balance and function;
• Reduce cravings and symptoms of withdrawal;
• Lessen the chances of relapse when used with a rehabilitation programme, and
• Support nervous system and brain function for full engagement in the recovery process.

IV nutritional detox is a method used for many types of substance abuse, including alcoholism. Clients often report experiencing renewed focus and clarity and quicker healing after this detox. When used with a full rehabilitation programme, clients also experience more awareness of the behaviours that lead to substance use and greater success over long-term recovery.

IV nutritional detox administration

This type of detox is often the first part of the full rehab program process for recovery. Once a person is admitted and examined by a doctor, they normally receive the solution intravenously from a trained, registered nurse for five to eight hours each day over five to seven days. In some cases, this treatment lasts for up to 14 days, depending on the substance abuse and personal history of the patient.

IV nutritional detox begins to replenish and re-balance the brain and nerve cells immediately. All of the compounds used are natural and considered very safe. Oral supplementation is also available at an additional cost if necessary.

According to research where success was defined as a person being sober after a period of 12 months, the average success rate was 40 per cent for residential rehab. However, when nutritional treatment was brought in, the rate of success jumped to 70 per cent and went as high as 81 per cent in some instances.

Our IV nutritional detox treatment programme

Once you’ve received a full medical assessment from a doctor and decided on fast home detox, your IV nutritional detox treatment will start at levels customised to your body, substance use, background and medical conditions.

Over the course of your treatments, you can relax, read, watch television or do other things while sitting. Most treatments last around one week for five to eight hours daily, but some people may need infusions for up to two weeks. All treatments are administered by a registered nurse who specialises in IV therapy.

After the IV nutritional detox treatment is finished, you will move through the rest of the 28-day rehabilitation programme, which includes behavioural and psychosocial assistance and workshops aimed at helping you understand the causes of your addiction. This is in addition to counselling, cognitive therapy, meditation and keywork sessions.

This type of detox is an alternative method to traditional prescriptive medication detoxification, although this is still available to you if you prefer it. Keep in mind that while this is a valuable tool for your recovery, it is not a substitute for the full rehab process. You will still need to complete the therapeutic, behavioural and psychosocial parts of your rehab regardless of which type of detox method you decide on.

Your frequently asked questions about IV nutritional detox

What is IV nutritional detox for addictions?

During this type of detox, you will receive a specific formulation of co-enzymes, vitamins, amino acids and minerals by IV for around five to seven days, with some people needing the treatment for up to 14 days after instant admission. This formulation replenishes, nourishes and re-balances the brain functions and nerves involved in an addiction, helping to minimise cravings and tone down withdrawal symptoms. Because of this, IV nutritional detox is more a comfortable, faster detox process that is an alternative to the standard detox via prescription medications.

After IV nutritional detox, you move through the rest of the 28-day recovery process using tools such as The Sinclair Method. During this time, you will work on the social, psychological and spiritual underlying drivers of your addiction.

Is IV nutritional detox effective?

Most clients have reported feeling far more comfortable and experiencing fewer withdrawal symptoms during this detox process. They’ve also demonstrated a greater long-term recovery commitment and less potential for relapse.

What awards has IV nutritional detox received?

In 2008, the California Association for Alcohol and Drug Educators awarded Dr. William Hitt a lifetime achievement award for the science and efficiency behind his all-natural detox system. At Harley St Alcohol Detox Organisation, we use Dr. Hitt’s award-winning formula of co-factor enzymes, minerals, vitamins and amino acids in our IV nutritional detox treatments.

Does the nutritional formula matter?

Yes. Our formula was specifically designed by Dr. Hitt, and his distinct combination of co-factor enzymes, vitamins, minerals and amino acids is the highest quality and grade and not available at other sources.

Dr. Hitt’s formulation is complex and very difficult to recreate in the proportions and quantities needed for rapid detox. Be aware that there are places out there which offer IV solutions that are of lower efficacy and quality than our formulation. Before you make this crucial decision, it’s important you do your research about the provider.

Is repeat treatment necessary?

You normally don’t need repeat treatment. Sometimes, additional administrations and boosters are available, but these are only needed if you relapse or the core drivers of your addiction are not yet understood.

Does IV nutritional detox replace the full rehab process?

No detox method can place the therapeutic, behavioural and psychosocial aspects of a 28-day rehab program. When you combine detox with this type of program, you are significantly increasing your chances of success at a sober life.

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Absolutely yes, so many people are not even aware they have a mental health problem and many people don’t make the connection in children and mental health. The alcohol can become a ‘solution’ for a persons mental health. At the start it will seem as if the alcohol is quieting the mind, but in time as the addiction progresses it will only add to any mental health problems the person has. It is also difficult to diagnose a person with mental health while under the influence of alcohol.

As well as being directly related to many serious diseases, drinking large amounts of alcohol can also lead to poor sexual performance, and it can harm an unborn baby. If you have an alcohol related problem, there are many ways in which you can get help to reduce your drinking, and there are also many services that you can use that will help you stop altogether. Definition The problems associated with alcoholism, or alcohol dependence, are wide ranging, and can be physical, psychological, and social.

There is no definitive cure for addiction. However, rehab can provide patients with the skills needed to successfully manage their addiction and remain sober. Recovery from addiction is never over and patients will need to work on their ability to avoid relapse for the rest of their lives. A high quality addiction rehab programme sets patients up for this process.

Most people can enjoy a casual night out with friends, have one or two drinks and then stop, and they might not drink again for several days. They enjoy a drink, but they don’t NEED it.

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